Welcome to our Works of Expression Program.

This program will help you gain effective assistance for any area of your education and career path desires. With the methods and techniques that we teach students and parents to implement, we’ve helped students improve their grades from F’s to A’s within just 3 weeks! You can do it too!

Also, by teaching students how to best integrate into the American systems, using the strengths of our Pacific Islander cultures, we firmly believe that your dreams ARE possible. But don’t hesitate to register because the work must start today!

During each workshop, we will provide fun learning activities, hands on projects and snacks for all registered students.

If you or your parents/guardians have any questions about this program, simply call our toll-free number 1-888-320-7270 or support@edwpf.org. We’re here for you!

**We will NEVER share your personal information with outside parties.**