The more you help your teen prepare for college, the easier it will be for you to help him or her transition into the next phase after high school.

Here is what you should do to get your teen’s college preparatory plan started:

1) Set up an appointment with your child’s academic counselor and discuss the following information:

a) Graduation Check List: An overview of your child’s transcript and determination if he or she is on track to graduate.

b) Classes that he or she may be currently struggling with.

c) Resources such as college prep programs and tutoring services that are offered in the school (i.e. TRIO Upward Bound, Talent Search,   UW Dream Project, etc.

2) Sit down with your teen to discuss which resources you will use to help him or her.

3) Write down a schedule that you will help him or her keep in order to cover all academic, athletic and extra curricular activities.

4) Commit to ensuring that your teen has everything that he or she needs to perform with excellence.

5) Contact us if you ever need any help or advice.