Here is how to access your child’s progress reports online:
  1. Use this WA State School Districts website to find your child’s school district site, then school site and contact telephone number.  List of WA State School Districts. (Out of state parents, simply use an internet search like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find this information.)
  2. Call your child’s school to ask for the contact information of your child’s academic counselor.
  3. Contact your child’s academic counselor to request your child’s online login information (user id and password).
Once you have the login information, the links below will take you to the system that each school district uses. Select your child’s school district so that you can sign in to his or her online progress report account:
Seattle School District
Franklin Pierce School District
Tacoma School District select the PARENTS tab.
Fife School District
Federal Way School District                                                       Tukwila School District
Highline School District                                                              Clover Park School District
Kent School District
Lake WA School District then select Parent Access Login (right side column)

**If your child’s school district parent sign in link is not included in the list above, please use this form to let us know which school district we need to add to the list. We will have a link added and available for you right away.**

Once you are signed in, you will be able to find the following information about your child and more:

  1. Grades
  2. Test Scores
  3. Number of missing assignments
  4. Attendance details (missing days, tardy arrivals, holidays, etc.)
  5. Contact information for each teacher (you can email him or her anytime)
  6. State Assessments Results – All students are required to take the state standardized assessment tests, depending on their grade level.

Some school districts also provide a convenient smart phone app. Take advantage of this technology as well.

Federal Way School District ParentVUE App