Talofa Everyone,

We’ve been working very hard to adjust to the many new Covid19 restrictions that our schools and families have faced throughout 2020-2021. As we made a shift in our mission in order to provide rental aid for King County Pacific Islander families, we’ve recognized the importance of returning to our focus on academic, social and cultural workshops and services. Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve focused mainly on educating our youth and their families about the seriousness of the spreading virus and what they can do to protect themselves and our community as a whole. We also distributed over 1000 items of free personal protective equipment (masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning products, etc.) throughout our county in order to support all efforts to protect our communities and all others during this pandemic. We are truly appreciative to all of our sponsors who have graciously supplied every PPE needed as we push through together. Moreover, to date we’ve been able to provide more relief through rental aid to over 100 Pacific Islander families and we thank our supporters, which include United Way of King County and the Seattle Foundation.

As we move through the summer months, we have focused on building our capacity in order to provide even more services to our Pacific Islander youth and families. With the need to prioritize safety, we have created new and innovative programs that will enable us to continue helping students navigate through the school systems and to prepare themselves for life after high school.

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