It is very important that you track your child’s progress. If you invest time, energy and focus on your child’s performance, then he or she will surely become even more invested as well. Show your child that you are available to help him or her succeed.

Guidelines for tracking your child’s progress:

  1. Design or create a binder (folder, drawer, online file, etc.) to help you store all of your child’s progress reports.
  2. Log in to your child’s online progress report to record and keep track of his or her assignments, attendance, test scores and grades. (refer to the steps for question #1 on this “What You Should Know” page)
  3. Discuss any missed assignments or low test scores with your child.
  4. Contact your child’s school to ask for resources that they provide (tutoring services) to help your child improve his or her performance.
  5. Check your child’s attendance records as well. You should always ensure that your child is well rested each night and on time each day.
  6. Review, discuss and store your child’s grades and attendance log results in your binder or online file.
  7. Call us if you need any extra help at 1(888)320-7270 or contact us.