Hello Parents,

We fully understand how challenging it can be to communicate with teenagers nowadays. In fact, it may seem almost impossible to relate to teens of the newer generations. However, we are a part of the generation that bridges the gap between our elders and our youth. We have used the lessons that our elders have taught us, while learning more and more about the American systems in which the newer generations are being raised. And so, now that we have established our own independence we have become more than capable of identifying and embracing the sometimes confusing experiences that the newer generations may seem to be facing themselves.

Therefore, we believe it is important for us to share our insight in order to help you communicate with your child and any other teens that are under your care. We want to extend our time and services to you, because we truly believe that it is our duty to help bridge the gap between our past, present and future Pacific Islander generations. We can help you with topics such as graduation requirements for your child, concerns about a teacher or other school staff, where to find useful resources, what to do if your child is failing his or her courses and other academically related issues.

Just use this form to submit your question(s) and we will contact you with sound, proven and effective advise. We are confident that our collective training in youth counseling and enriched backgrounds as Pacific Islander parents will help you build a stronger relationship with your child today and moving forward. Also, if you prefer to speak directly with us, simply give us a call at (206)412-6523.

We look forward to addressing your questions, comments and concerns.

**We promise to never discuss your situation with any outside parties unless given your expressed permission. Our main goal is to ensure your family’s accomplishments, not failures.**