I – Influence
N – Nurture
S – Stimulate
P – Propel
I – Incite
R – Rouse
E – Edify

Please take a moment to reflect on the characteristics that we at EDWPF believe define the true meaning of the word INSPIRE. Then send us your suggestions for material that you believe will INSPIRE our community. It could be a video clip, a poem, a book suggestion, a link to an inspiring website, etc. After review, we’ll post your idea or recommendation right here on our website for everyone to experience, appreciate and enjoy.

INSPIRE us all today!!

suggested by EDWPF  – Why we chose to post it: Because of this woman’s amazing fearlessness, her powerful message of ancestry & honor to the young men, the opportunities that she creates for Pacific Islander families, the work she and her husband place in their magnificent home, her entrepreneurial life and her love for our people.

suggested by EDWPF – Why we chose to post it: Because of this young man’s talent, insight, charismatic stage presence, courage to share our story outside of our communities, his desire to impact and change our cultures for the betterment of our future and his choice to give honor to God for the message he’s received to relay. Great job Joshua! We are excited to support more of your work!

suggested by EDWPF – Why we chose to post it: Because of this young lady’s direct message and courage.  She gives history, statistics and stories of experience that our young Pacific Islander youth can truly learn from. Great job Terisa! Keep up the great work!

suggested by Dana T. – Why we chose to post it: Because of this young boy’s ability to speak so directly to adults with purpose, the hope and encouragement of his message to teachers and staff and his desire to become a success in the world. Keep up the great work Dalton!

suggested by EDWPF – Why we chose to post it: Because of this group of inspiring artists’ ability to display the richness of our Pacific Islander cultures; our humor, our talents, our strength & beauty and our passion for sharing our culture with the world and more. We hope that this group will inspire other young Pacific Islander artists to keep our traditions but to also blaze trails so that the world will begin to recognize, embrace and support who we are. Great job JGeeks! We look forward to supporting your careers!

We hope that you are now inspired to INSPIRE!

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